Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Brand new track - "Supremacy Of Stupidity"

Hey everyone ! It's been quite a while since our last post , but we're back in business . :P
Here's a brand new track . Recorded about a year ago in Fabric studios, Larisa , by George Tsavdaridis . It's part of the Monomaniacs Vol. 4 compilation (Mailmurder Productions) . Check the entire compilation ->HERE<- .

Dedicated to the memory of Pavlos Fyssas .

The fear of the unknown, the unemployment
The economic crisis, a corrupted system
Media propaganda and ignorance of history
Excuses you use for the monster that you vote
The hatred that you grow, it s not a privilege
Emotions are dead, an empty piece of shit
You are searching for a savior who doesn’t exist
You sail in a dark, cruel sea
Full of lies , hypocrisy
Pain, demise, terror.

The blood is flowing seeking for vengeance
Nazi scum you are going to pay. 

Your brain has expired ,no will can be detected
Is the color of your skin the only thing you claim?
By killing and stabbing people you only succeed
To strengthen the system you supposedly oppose   .
Your pathetic fuehrer is on government’s payroll
Ready to deny you all when you need him the most .


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