Monday, 23 September 2013

Another new track - 42 Δόντια / 42 Teeth

The test pressing were mailed to us last week ! They sound awesome ! In 3 weeks time we will have the LPs and CDs ! Till then here's a new song for you to mosh to !

Μερικές σκέψεις γύρω από τους στίχους του τραγουδιού ....

Το κομμάτι αυτό το αφιερώνουμε σε όλους τους λύκους που είναι εκεί έξω και παλεύουν στους δρόμους της πόλης για ένα καλύτερο αύριο. Η αγέλη θα μεγαλώνει. Θα ξερνάει καθε σκάρτο. Θα ενσωματώνει αυτούς που αγωνίζονται. Η εκδίκηση ερχεται.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Man stabbed by neo-nazis , in Athens

Today a 34-year-old innocent man lost his life by the dogs of fascist-party Golden dawn.It could be me,it could be you stabbed by those scumbags.Let's fight back for the memory of Pavlos Fyssas.R.I.P. Brother.

As reported on mainstream media

Monday, 16 September 2013

Athens release show

We are playing a release show in the city of Athens on the 2nd of November at Zero club . The bands playing along with us are Censored Sound ,Progress of Inhumanity and Never-Trust ! We are also planning release shows in a number of cities , stay tuned for more info !

Poster is on the way ! Be there !

P.S. : Here is the poster ! Thanks Jim !
P.S.2: Progress of Inhumanity cancelled , so here's the new poster.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

"City Life" : just a taste of the upcoming album

The tracks have struck the factory . Planned release date: mid-October . Until then here's a preview of what the album sounds like ...

The vinyl will be released by Screaming Victims Distro (click) and CDs will be released by the band itself .
Plus , there's a release show planned for the city of Athens , 2nd of November at Zero . More info to come soon !