Sunday, 12 May 2013

2 days of music !

Allright ! We woke up with a huge smile after those two days of music and partying ! Lots of good bands and all those familiar faces (plus a few new ones) . First of was Larissa with a gig-party celebrating 5 years of True To The Game records . The bands of the night offered some great punk tunes to dance to (or drink to) . Our greetings go to Nothing More ,Nothing Less ,Streetwise ,Hidden in the Basement and those fierce R'n'Rollers who go by the name : With No Severity .

And then ... there was Volos . Nothing compares to playing a gig for your closest friends ! It was amazing ! Greetings to Treis kai kati , Spitback, Hat-trick and all the members of the Olympiakos Volos' antifa crew ! You guys made it happen !  Cheers !

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