Tuesday, 9 April 2013

From Your War Zine #8 reviewing Thrashing With The Stars

From Your War zine #8

8 track ‘concept’ EP from Greek thrashers Faithreat. Each track is dedicated to ‘stars’ such as Steven Seagal, David Hasselhoff, Chuck Norris etc. You get the idea? Short blasts of mosh inducing hardcore with movie samples. This is so much fun! Not only are the samples very funny, the music itself is a vast improvement on their debut 7” ‘Back To The Pit’ both in song structure and production. Features members of Disharmonic and Adikaiologhtws. A great listen! This has been out for some months now but I’d recommend tracking it down anyway as I don’t think it’s a well-known release.

Huge thanks to Phil for sharing this one !

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